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Increased Cybercrime in Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has really placed the world at a standstill. People have been restricted to their homes all over the world. Henceforth, work from homes is now also routinely carried out.

After the pandemic, people have been spending a lot of time on the internet in general. A major increase in global cybercrime and trading scam rates has also automatically occurred.

A fivefold rise in cybercrime cases worldwide has been recorded by the WHO. Novice traders and other novice online users are raiding enormous amounts of money. These cyber-attacks and scams are not unique at all and can occur in different forms.

Even after the scam is found, tracking down these fake businesses and having back their missing funds is very hard for online victims. It seems all the more improbable now with travel limits and global lockdowns.

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Recovery of Funds from scam- A Boon

The need for Shield Forensics, an online fund recovery platform  comes into play.

The business specializes in getting its customers’ lost money back efficiently and quickly. The firm will continue all its enterprises online even without the coronavirus pandemic. This really helps now as the workforce is well trained through the internet to manage cases.

Users may be ready to take the required steps to recover their missing money, but it is still very complicated with all the restrictions. It takes a lot of time and patience to recruit a lawyer, contact the companies, set up a case, etc. Now if the businesses are based in a foreign country, with all the travel bans, the consumers are still at a disadvantage.

scam recovery

SWIFT and Better

To cope with these kinds of issues and even more complex situations, the workers at Shield Forensics are directly present. It is only necessary for clients to file a complaint either directly from the web or by email.

Clients may submit their case for analysis for free by presenting a few fundamental information and explaining the scam. The experts then examine whether the cash is recoverable at all. If yes, it contacts the customers back and agrees with the case arrangements together with pricing. It’s just that easy.

Users should leave the entire process of money recovery on the business until the arrangements are made. The openness of the processes gives consumers a clear picture of the activities of the company..

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Better steps which have been taken

There is a high record of resolved cases in the business. This is because of the methodical approach to solving the case, something that was practiced properly well before the lockdown. As follows, a few of the steps involved are listed.

The case is appointed by an accomplished professional, who investigates the facts and sets up a case against the scam trading firm.

Shield Forensics then approaches the scammer directly and all the other parties involved, such as banks, lawyers, etc.

The firm gets back the money scammed from the consumer, citing the various laws and through other legitimate means.

The firm attaches the company’s name to the database of its continually updated scammers.

Experience, pace and variety

Shield Forensics not only handles different scams but also educates the online population about them. These include:

Banking Fraud

Credit card

Binary options




A superior workforce coordinates and contacts all the organizations even in this pandemic to achieve the desired results with a well-tested plan for each of the aforementioned forms.

The business also aims to arrive at a solution quickly for difficult situations. This is relevant as the scammer only gets harder and harder to catch with increased delay. Shield Forensics is one of the quickest recovery sites for assets out there and will sustain a long and increasing list of highly satisfied customers as a result.

Victims will try to get their money back on their own, but it is a complex and time-consuming process requiring a great deal of effort and coordination.

Even at the time of this pandemic, with Shield Forensics, clients may be confident that specialists are working successfully on retrieving their missing funds as soon as possible.

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