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These are the scams likely to happen this year. With a lot of people hampered financially due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and most hoping 2021 would be a year they get to breathe a bit easier and set out on a part to recovery.

That being said, this trend is likely to incur an influx of false schemes on the internet hell bent on ripping unsuspecting investors of their capitals with enticing proposals on prospective profits.
We have compiled a list of the heinous activities most likely to be perpetrated and it would be advisable you read through, slowly.


There’s a usual feeling of excitement when there’s a proposal that offers quick returns on investment. We would all love to make that fast cash but at what cost? That’s the question we fall to think of when we come across potholes by fraudsters.
Fraudsters create scam websites which often say you can make a week’s worth of salary in just a few days, lure you in with false promises. They then get you to hand over personal and financial information, often sensitive by nature.
Especially in times like this when we have lost a lot, it is likely we get tempted by offers like this when we go online and if there’s truly anything like that word it should have been much publicized.

    This is one of the most common and effective threats on the internet. Sometimes the fraudster here who is referred to as a Phisher takes the form of a close friend or relative in order to take you unawares when a malicious link is sent and lures you to click on it in order to gain vital information. Such links could be sent through email, social media or other messaging apps like WhatsApp.
    Sometimes the message comes from your bank requiring you to confirm your security details usually by following a link, it’s advisable to note that your financial institution wouldn’t send such and make sure you delete immediately.

Phishing attempts take place worldwide every single month and while they often take place through email, cybercriminals are expanding their approach to cover wherever you might talk with someone one-on-one on the internet.
Beware and double check before following any instructions or link blindly.


It is no surprise that quite a number of persons have fallen prey to this nightmarish tactic used by scammers and their scams. You receive a nice little email telling you that you’ve won a ridiculously large sum of money or a lavish holiday trip to the location of your dreams, what a lovely surprise, especially since you never bought a lottery ticket! The problem is when you phone up to claim your prize money, you’ll be told you need to pay over a token fee first. And if you do so, some other bill comes up, if you aren’t quick to notice you’ll end up losing so much.


Funny title right? Well I wish it was. It is news nowadays that emails, facebook accounts are being hacked and it’s very likely yours isn’t any different.
Scammers can take hold of your email box or facebook account, under the guise of a distant friend who is stranded in a remote area with little or no funds and bad communication. The option of communication left might be through mailing, he/she tells you an emotional story of how they got swindled and need to return home. One you fall prey to this without double checking it’s likely your funds would never be seen again.


Most people are more relaxed using dating apps especially in corona times. It helps make up for an actual physical meeting for the time being. Scammers have leveraged on this to put up attractive accounts to lure unsuspecting victims. Sometimes they might pretend to be from the UK but are working abroad, while in other cases, they will say they live overseas.

Scammers will then tell a touching story to try and encourage you to hand over your personal details, including your bank account details. For example, he/she might say he/she wants to meet you but can’t afford the travel fare or they have some valuable goods seized which you would likely benefit from. Beware.


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