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shield forensics

Lottery Scam
This sounds actually embarrassing but in times like this and with the pandemic, everyone is seeking for some sense of normalcy and stability in their lives. As always I tend to have a backlog of messages on my facebook account, so I had spare time to go through them that fateful day. The second message from my second cousin who relocated to Australia a while back. I was excited to go through his message and reading through it, it appeared to be a lottery message saying follow the following link to reclaim over a hundred thousand dollars in prize money, I couldn’t recall participating in any so I sent him a message to confirm if it’s real and he replied yes, that he also got something too and I should just follow the instructions in the message to reclaim mine. I hurriedly did so, trusting him. I followed the link which had a bio data form in other to verify my identity, I did so and the next page contained fees for the check clearance which was $1500, it was a small fee compared to what I’ll receive so I made the payment happily only to get an email the next they that I’m yet to pay for the international clearance fee which is $5000 at this point I hesitated but I felt committed already and they confirmed it was the only payment left to get everything cleared. After waiting for over a week without receiving my check I contacted my cousin to know how long it takes before I receive my check but he was clueless about everything saying he never sent any message across and it is likely his account has been hacked if I got such. I was immediately referred to who helped recover the last payment I made after discussing at length about the series of events. I’m really grateful because it would have been a tough blow to recover from.

David Heine

Phishing Scam
Mr Leonard is a middle aged public relations officer. He was contacted by his bank through mail that his credit card was about to be blocked due to a technical error in the system and he was directed to quickly confirm his card details on a form online which already showed some digits of his card. He quickly did that and replied to the mail hoping all was settled thereby saving himself the stress of visiting the bank in person due to his busy schedule.
He only realized his account has been cleared when he tried to make a purchase at a store, the card kept declining, bemused and irritated, he decided to check his balance only to find it wiped. He quickly reported to the bank who blocked his account and said they would try to help get his funds back, not satisfied with their handling he was able to make contact at through a referral.
After a due diligence check on his story, the recovery process was initiated, though it took a while but it was worth it in the end as he was able to recoup most of his bank balance.
It is advisable that once we receive sensitive messages concerning us, either through a mail, or phone calls, especially from the financial institutions banked with, patience is advised as it is expected we read through, double check and confirm from someone close.

Leonard Ford

My Encounter with investment fraudsters.
I’ve been into trading for a while now(binary option, forex) and I wouldn’t say it hasn’t been really positive but I was usually worried about the low interest rate I was getting from the brokers I use. Coincidentally for me I received a couple of mails which now I know should go to spam but at that moment it felt exciting. It was a broker who specializes in forex, cryptocurrency and binary options. The mail entailed how returns would be guaranteed and at a great return once initial deposits were made. So I sent a mail to the customer care desk to inquire more. It didn’t take so long to get a reply and thereafter we had a conversation over the phone because I wanted to be certain of everything. I was assured that a trial would convince. I invested over $100,000 and my trades were going well, I was even called by the customer care to check if everything was going as planned and yeah, it was. I was then convinced to invest more which I didn’t hesitate to do, so I added an additional $50,000. After a while I wanted to withdraw some of my profits but I was unable to, anytime I tried there seemed to be some sort of glitch, after a couple of errors I mailed their support and I was surprised by the response I got, I was asked to pay $20,000 in tax before I could access my funds.  I wasn’t new to the trading business so I contacted a close friend at that point and briefed him on my predicament. He told me I was about to be scammed further and referred me to since the broker hasn’t realized that I was aware of the plot. So I did as he asked, made my complaints to the recovery experts at Shield, they followed up with the rest, contacted the broker, threatened litigation and all round broadcast and in a couple of weeks I got a call that they’ve been able to recover about $120,000. I was really grateful.
It is really important that we do a background check on the website before we go ahead with any investment. Some people may not be so lucky as I am. Cheers.
courtney Hilton

Tesla shares scam
-I got scammed trying to buy Tesla shares! It was quite an unfortunate circumstance, I don’t think anyone is a stranger to the name Tesla or Elon musk. 2020 just felt like the make it or break it year to get a slice of returns a proactive shareholder should be reaping from. I made a few researches online out the durability of the shares, apparently Tesla stock is now worth more than the combined valuations of General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Toyota. Yet, Tesla makes just a fraction of the cars of its more established rivals.This fact alone was a no brainer so I sort out for reliable brokers but it just appears there’s a lot of false sites on the web. I registered on a site I thought was bamboo, did the usual verification, got a mail and was asked if I needed help funding my wallet which I obliged to, so a supposed secure link was sent. I mean I thought I was being given a due customer service only to be ripped off of over $100,000 from my account. My wallet was never funded, my subsequent mails weren’t responded to. I panicked, it was absolutely shocking. Luckily for me I got referred to, even if I was skeptical about it but I had to give it a try and it was one I didn’t regret. Thumbs up to shield!

Advik Bajaj

Cannabis investment scam
-I was introduced to Cannabis investment when i received a newsletter from Shield Forensics, apparently I’ve been reading a lot online, looking for an investment portfolio with promising potential. I know the cryptocurrency is currently making waves or is the rave of the moment but I felt the need to diversify my investment. So I made a consultation at shield forensics as they specialize not only in asset recovery but also offer background checks on possible and potential investments, more of feasibility and viability appraisal. After submitting my questions, I received a positive and precise appraisal on why one should invest in the cannabis stocks with facts ranging from the possible legalizing of medicinal and recreational marijuana in more states in the United states and currently cannabis presents itself as a more established industry where expectations have become realistic. I was advised to take a closer look at the green thumbs industry and cresco labs and I was convinced with the positive steps. I’m glad I took the consultation from Shield Forensics, it’s been a success ever since.
Andrew Schäfer

Covid-19 relief scam
-My personal details and ssn was used in filling for covid relief funds and it was brought to my notice that funds which was transferred through the internal revenue service, meant for me had been diverted by scammers online to an account in Missouri, i was crestfallen because this economic stimulus payment was suppose to serve as a relief to recovering from the devastation of the pandemic due to shortfalls in salaries. I had to make a series of phone calls to the bank, complaining of my issue and what can be done to retrieve the funds, there were a whole lot of protocols here and there coupled with the restricted movement. I had to go online to search if there was a way to recover scammed funds like mine. I was able to come across Shield Forensics as it had good reviews on the web. I contacted their help desk immediately, my case was delighted at the pace at which my case was handled, after submitting the relevant information I was told it would take about two weeks to a month to get positive feedback. I hesitated a bit but I was assured that it would be done. In two weeks I was called that my funds have been successfully retrieved, I’m still in awe.
Annette Desjardins

Fake shopping websites and formjacking;

I got scammed unknowingly while shopping on Amazon and had my credit card compromised. I received an offer for a cut-rate merchandise on the Internet. The offers where wow! Up-to 90% discount on household utensils, some had free shipping and all of it. It was just like they knew what I needed at that point because I felt right in for it. I was too excited to even stop and think or make inquiries, I just started placing orders because it was just going to be on a first come first serve policy as items could quickly run out of stock. I picked over 20 items and after I went through my cart, I proceeded for payment and I haven’t really shopped on amazon prior to this. I was redirected to a page that required my card details and pin, I obliged and confirmed it, it was successful. After some minutes I received a debit notification from my bank and that was okay until I scrolled down to see the amount taken, I was shocked, my account was totally cleared. It was already the weekend and I couldn’t go to the bank. I quickly contacted a friend and told her what happened and if there’s a way I could recover, because she’s more into these online stuff. She told me about shield forensics, so i quickly visited the website, submitted my case and I was told to wait for some weeks while they worked on the recovery. They also directed me to block my card at the bank which I did. It was really transparent and I’m glad I got my funds back.

Martha Stapelberg